Virginia’s State Senator Became a Victim of a Hit and Run

Reckless driving can lead to all kinds of trouble, like being charged for this offense. State Senator Mamie Locke recently became the victim of a hit and run in the great state of Virginia, which put a halt on some things in her life.

Some of the senator’s closest friends, family members, and constituents saw her post a video on her Facebook page talking about this very incident. She was forced to celebrate her birthday in the hospital.

Many of those who follow the senator were quick to offer their best wishes. She had to have surgery on her left leg after the accident. Everyone hoped she would have a speedy recovery, and they wanted to know that justice would be served, which is part of the reason the reckless driver was targeted. The hospital bills alone are enough to bring this person to justice.

Apparently, she was hit crossing the street near the university. The authorities have charged this driver with reckless driving, and the police want to throw everything in the books at this person.

Reckless driving is a serious offense, but this person still deserves a fair trial, and he or she deserves to be defended by a professional reckless driving attorney. One never knows when he or she is going to be involved in an accident, and it pays to have an experienced Virginia reckless driving lawyer on the sidelines, no matter which side of the law one is in.

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves to have their day in court. Hopefully, the person who caused this could explain what happened a little better, which is surely what the senator believes should happen.

Locke is supposed to recover within three months time. She thinks nothing is going to stop her from healing from this unfortunate incident, which is great because she needs to prepare to kick off her re-election campaign soon. She is reassuring everyone that she is planning to be in tip-top shape by then, and her accident shouldn’t affect her run as Virginia’s 2nd District Senate seat.

There is no doubt that her supporters and constituents from areas like Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, and York County are going to be happy to hear the news because surely Locke’s supporters do not think she is done. This accident and her recovery is probably only going to make her more determined to move forward.