Why You Need An Attorney If You’ve Been In A Weather-Related Accident In San Diego

Winter Related Accidents in San Diego
One of the most common causes of car accidents is inclement weather conditions; this mainly affects Southern California more adversely due to the rarity of rain and harsh winds. Southern California cities such as San Diego, like most of California, usually sees only sun day in and day out; however, the inclement weather appears occasionally and primarily exclusively during winter. During Southern California winters residents can expect heavy rainfall and powerful winds; unfortunately, due to rarity of these weather conditions, California drivers simply aren’t accustomed to driving in frozen weather and a result, traffic accidents statistics begin to climb drastically due to severe weather occurrence. Accidents caused by weather are handled just like any other accident, and having a professional personal injury attorney on your side is critical if you plan on receiving compensation.
Wind Impact
One of components of inclement weather is harsh winds; the Pacific Coast wind force is fiercer than any other region in the nation. Accidents caused by incelement weather conditions typically involve fierce winds and often result in serious injury or wrongful death. Obviously when wind conditions are the primary cause for the accident, the fault may not necessarily be on the driver, but the claims for wind-related accident injuries are just as valid but often the expertise of an experienced personal injury laywer is required if you want the best chance of receiving compensation.

Rainy Weather

Another component of inclement weather is heavy rainfall; winter months are usually when southern California residents receive rain, and when they do it’s almost always a downpour. California has struggled with drought for many years, and now that rainfall is becoming more common and in more abundance amounts, the state is experiencing mudslides throughout elevated regions. When mudslides occur, highways and country roads may be blocked by falling land and rock in certain areas along the roadway, and when accidents occur before highway employees provide warnings, accidents begin to occur.
Hire An Attorney
If you or a loved one have been a victim of a weather-related accident in San Diego, do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Yasmine Djawadian APC  to schedule your free legal consultation where a representative will be able to determine how well your case will do in court.

What You Need To Know About Personal Injury Law in Bellevue, WA

If you reside in Bellevue, WA and are involved in an accident for which you are pursuing damages, you probably have numerous questions about the procedures and state laws affecting your claim. The following web page will delve into some key elements of personal injury laws in Washington.

Statute of Limitations for Injury Lawsuits

In Washington, you are required to file a personal injury claim within a specific period. The time limit for filing a claim is a law known as the statute of limitations. If you fail to present your claim within this time frame, you have no right to be compensated for your sustained injuries. The statute of limitation for personal injury claims in Washington is three years. The time starts lapsing from the date of the accident.

Comparative Fault Rule in Washington

In some instances, an injured party may share the blame for causing their injuries by being partially responsible for the accident. The fact that you share liability for an accident does not mean you cannot make an injury claim. Washington applies a concept called “pure comparative negligence.” This means that the amount you recover from a claim will be reduced by the share of liability that the judge or jury attribute to you.
For example, if you are awarded $10,000 in damages and the court determines that you are 20% to blame; your recovery will be cut down to $8,000.

Strict Liability for Dog Bites

Many states protect dog owners from liability for injuries if their dog is injuring a person for the first time and the owner had no reason to consider the dog to be dangerous. This rule is known as the “one bite rule.” However, in Washington, this rule is not applicable. Dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs. This means the dog owner is held liable for personal injury caused by their dog regardless of the pet’s past behavior.
No Damage Caps

In Washington, there is no limit to the compensation one can receive for personal injuries. According to the law in Washington, damage caps are regarded as unconstitutional.

The Essence of a Bellevue Personal Injury Attorney

When faced with a personal injury claim, your attorney will help gather evidence for your case and negotiate with the insurance adjuster. If a settlement is not forthcoming, your attorney will represent you in court and put up the best possible argument to ensure you get a fair compensation. If you are worried about attorney fees, you should know that most personal injury attorneys represent clients on a contingency basis. Therefore, for a fair damage award, it is advisable to seek out a Bellevue personal injury attorney.

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Car Drives Off 210 Freeway Rialto

Four people suffered injuries after a car rode off the 210 Freeway and toppled over Friday morning.

According to a press report from the California Highway Patrol, a 2010 Honda Civic was carrying four passengers including the driver, the vehicle was heading westbound on the 210 Freeway at around 3:30 a.m., just about to reach Riverside Avenue in Rialto, when the vehicle suddenly was driven off the side of the freeway.

The Honda Civic went down a dirt embankment before overturning onto the perimeter fence, the report read.

Lamont Jeffries II, the 28-year-old passenger from Placentia, was not wearing a seatbelt and as a result was ejected from the car landing in a dirt field next to the westbound freeway.

Clemmie Taylor Jr, the 26-year-old driver from Fontana, suffered critical injuries and was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton. Rashaad Brown, the 20-year-old passenger from Rialto, complained of moderate neck and back pain but was also taken to Arrowhead.

The last passenger was Brandon Morris, a 29-year-old from Fontana, and he suffered moderate neck and back pain as well, he was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Taylor, the driver, was taken into custody, according to the CHP report.

The investigation is still ongoing, and it’s unknown whether drugs or alcohol were an influence in the incident as of this time.

If you or a loved one have been in an accident and are suffering hardships as a result of someone else’s negligent driving, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. California has laws put in place to protect victims of negligence, through the means of fair reimbursement. However, California’s statute of limitation states that if you want to file a claim against someone you must do so within two years from the date of the accident, this window is heavily reduced to six months if you plan on pursuing legal action against the state or any other government entity.

For more information on California personal injury law visit this resource.

A professional and experienced personal injury in Rialto from the law offices of Guldjian Law APC are equipped with the ability to assist you in a time of peril and can help you get back up on your feet after the devastating effects of an accident. Contact us today or click here to schedule your free legal consultation.


Young Boy Killed During Fullerton Freeway Collision

Two cars were involved in a collision on the 57 Freeway in Fullerton, California this early Sunday, a 15-year-old boy was killed in the process.

The boy, Luis Torres of Santa Ana, was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident, which occurred at around two a.m. on the southbound 57 Freeway, north of Yorba Linda Boulevard, says a California Highway Patrol official. California Highway Patrol authorities announced the driver of a 2015 Honda had been arrested after it was revealed that she could have been under the influence of alcohol.

Nicole Cortinas, a Moreno Valley resident, suffered injuries including a fractured back and was rushed to the University of California Irvine Medical Center, where she will be closely supervised by officers until she is medically cleared for questioning.

According to CHP officials, the female driver of a 2009 Honda had exited onto the right shoulder of the freeway for unknown reasons. Eventually, the two passengers exited the car and resided to the passenger side of the vehicle, two others remained in the vehicle. Cortinas was driving on the freeway at an unknown speed when she allowed another car to move to the right shoulder. Officers claim she quickly drove into a roadway sign before crashing into the back of the other Honda, leaving the teenage passenger suffering from fatal injuries.

The driver of the vehicle that was hit was Santa Ana resident Jennifer Baca, who also sustained a fractured rib and sternum after the collision.

It’s reported that two lanes were closed on the northbound side of the Freeway but are now reopened.

The incident is still under investigation.

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligent driving, do not hesitate to call an experienced Fullerton car accident attorney from the law offices of Guldjian Law. California’s statute of limitation declares you must file a claim within two years of the date of the accident, or your case will more than likely be dismissed. This time is even shorter if you plan on pursuing legal action against a government entity, so it’s of the utmost urgency you contact us today or click here to schedule your free legal consultation. Once completed you will meet with a legal representative to determine whether you are eligible to earn legal compensation for hardships suffered because of your accident.



Are You Eligible for a Redlands Personal Injury Case?

As a Redlands resident, you may wonder if you are eligible to file a personal injury case against someone that you believe has harmed you in some way. The number of factors determines whether or not you are eligible. The good news is that many situations and incidents do fall into the bracket of Redlands personal injury. The following are some things for your to consider:

Can You Prove That You Have an Injury?

You’ve already won half the battle if you can prove that you have an injury. Your doctor’s notes, X-rays, prescriptions, bills and recovery devices can prove that part of the case. You must have an injury to be eligible for compensation under the personal injury laws.

Did Someone Else Cause Your Injury?

The next qualifying element is whether or not someone else caused your injury by way of neglect. Neglect comes in many forms. It can come in the form of a doctor prescribing the wrong medication, or it can come as a pet owner who allows his dog to bite you. Neglect can come in the form of nursing home abuse, distracted driving, drunk driving or someone failing to put a “wet floor” sign out to warn the customers of the hazard. A personal injury attorney can help you determine whether or not your case is strong enough to prove that this person is at fault.

Have You Suffered Immense Losses Because of Your Injury?

Finally, you must be able to prove that you have suffered immense losses because of your injury. The losses do not have to be monetary. Loss of job, home, family, friends, and livelihood are significant in personal injury cases. If you can prove all or even one of the previously mentioned qualifying elements, then you may just have yourself a personal injury case.

Contact a Redlands Personal Injury Lawyer Today

An experienced attorney can listen to the details of your accident and let you know the strength of your case. You can decide whether you want the attorney to assist you after you hear his or her proposal. This person can immediately start fighting for your rights the moment you give the green light for representation. Some attorneys may offer you contingency representation, which means that you do not pay a dime until your case has been settled, and a check comes your way. Schedule a consultation, and ask about no-win-no-free representation.

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How can A vancouver wa personal injury attorney help me?

If you were recently injured and felt that another party is to blame, then you might benefit greatly from the services of a personal injury attorney. However, most people don’t know how personal injury lawsuits work and what rules they need to follow. To help you get a better idea of why you might need a personal injury lawyer, here are the answers to some basic questions that you might have:
What does a personal injury attorney do?
The world of civil law can be quite complicated and treacherous, which means that the average citizen probably won’t know how to organize a lawsuit effectively. It’s easy to miss a rule or requirement here or there, yet those small mistakes can result in massive penalties, including the possibility that your lawsuit may be completely thrown out.
To help prevent anything like that from happening and to make sure that your lawsuit will run as smoothly as possible, a specialized lawyer can help you out with the logistics. Not only can they help you prepare your evidence and schedule key court dates, but they can also help you get a better understanding of how the law applies to your particular situation.
Does Washington have any special laws for personal injury lawsuits that you should know about?
As a matter of fact, Washington has some relatively unique laws that you need to keep in mind when it comes to personal injury lawsuits.
First of all, you have the statute of limitations, which is unique to each state. In Washington, the statute of limitations for a personal injury is three years, which means that you have three years to file from the date of the injury. This can be extended in certain situations, but the criteria for such extensions is very specific, which is another area where an attorney can greatly help you out. The last thing that you want is to have a viable lawsuit on your hands and throw it away because you didn’t realize that you qualified for an extension of the statute of limitations.
Secondly, Washington is a state that practices pure comparative negligence, which means that they heavily favor you when it comes to determining how the fault of the plaintiff impacts the case. As a state that uses pure comparative fault, you can secure some compensation even if you were 99% to blame for your injuries. However, figuring out exactly how much you were to blame in a case can be difficult, which is another area where a Vancouver WA personal injury lawyer can come in very handy.

How to react following an Irvine car accident

A car crash scene in Irvine is an active site within minutes when police and paramedics arrive. Sometime in the future, you’re likely to be called upon to give your version of events. React to the crash by preserving your right to compensation for damages. Here’s how you do that.

Call 911 and ask for both police and paramedics


Police will investigate the accident scene and interview drivers and witnesses. The investigating officer will make a written traffic crash report that both sides will rely on in determining liability. Paramedics will evaluate and treat you at the scene. Insist on being taken to the nearest emergency room. You’ll be further examined and treated there. The medical records from the paramedics and emergency room are important in establishing that you were injured in the crash.

Follow up with treatment


Make sure that you follow-up with your personal physician a few days after the accident. He or she might refer you to a specialist like an orthopedist or neurologist. Follow up with whoever you might be referred to as soon as they can get you in. Don’t miss any medical appointments or have gaps in treatment. An uninterrupted timeline of treatment must be established. Insurance companies want to see missed appointments or treatment gaps. They’ll raise questions as to the extent of your injuries and whether you’re malingering.

Don’t talk to the other side


It’s quite common for the adverse insurer to contact an injured person and ask for a written or recorded statement as to what occurred. Never give a statement to an opposing party or their insurer without Irvine accident attorney being present. Without one of our attorneys at your side, questions will be asked of you that would be improper in any courtroom. Your answers will then be used against you in the future. If you’re going to give a statement, we’ll prepare you for giving it, tell you when and where you’ll give it, and we’ll be there with you to protect your rights when you give it.

Contact Guldjian Law, APC right away after an Irvine accident. Call us at 1-800-385-4838 to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation, or you can use our online contact form, and an attorney or client advocate from our office will be right with you. We’ll preserve your rights to compensation for your damages.

I Was Involved In A Bellevue Motorcycle Accident – What Should I Do?

I Was Involved In A Motorcycle Accident – What Should I Do?

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Bellevue, you need to remember to do the correct things in case you need to go to court after the accident in case of injuries or harm to your vehicle. Knowing what to do can make a huge difference if you need to make a filing. The way were are able to can eat the way so we can see the purple

Always Write Everything Down That Happened

An accident is a stressful time. Being in a motorcycle accident can be very scary, but it is important that you keep calm when it happens. You need to write down a description of how the accident occurred, and details are important. Note the time of day and where it happened. This is critical if the case would go to court. The lawyer will need to have this information to proceed with your case properly. The more detailed the information, the better because the lawyer will be able to develop the case around what you have written down.

Get All The Necessary Contact Numbers Of People That Were Involved

After being in an accident with a motorcycle, you should make sure that you get the other driver’s name, address, phone and insurance company information. This will all come in handy, especially if you have an injury. Getting the money that you deserve for the expense that you incur because of an injury are important. You will want to make sure that you have the information so that your lawyer can present in a court of law.

Enlist The Help Of An Experienced Lawyer

A Bellevue motorcycle accident lawyer is necessary especially if you have been injured. Make sure that you find one that is practiced in personal injury lawsuits so that you can recoup the amounts that you need to if you have to file a lawsuit.

Recouping From Injuries

You want to keep track of all the expenses that you incur after your accident. If you need to go to the hospital, you will want documentation of this. Likewise for any amounts of money you lost from your work. This is all necessary for the court case, and your lawyer will need the information.

You will be glad that you follow the tips above if you are in a motorcycle accident. It can make all the difference in the world when you contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Bellevue receive monies that are due to you if you are injured.

Violent Crash In San Diego Knocks Down Power Lines

Four people, including a mother and two children, when a speeding BMW slammed into an SUV near La Jolla High School, fire officials said.

The black BMW, driven by a man, was speeding down Nautilus Street near Avenida La Reina just before 10 a.m. when it hit a parked car and slammed into a white SUV carrying a mother and two children, San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesman Lee Swanson said.

The BMW, which also knocked over a power pole, flipped on its side, landing on downed power lines. The SUV ended up in the front yard of a home.

Firefighters had to use heavy equipment to cut off the roof of the BMW to get the driver out. He was taken by ambulance to Scripps La Jolla Hospital for treatment of moderately serious injuries, Swanson said.

The woman was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital and her children were treated at Rady Children’s Hospital. All three had minor injuries, Swanson said.

Nautilus Street was expected to be closed for several hours during the accident investigation.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in the San Diego area, contact the law firm of Guldjian Law for a free legal consultation. They have helped clients involved in Carlsbad car accidents, El Cajon car accidents, Chula Vista car accidents and La Jolla car accidents as well as other types of accidents throughout San Diego County.

Dealing With Defective Products After They Have Injured

Unfortunately, many people are injured by product defects every day somewhere in the United States.  Some defective products can cause significant injuries leaving the victims with physical, emotional and financial difficulties.

Defective products are typically categorized into 3 types:

  • Defective Design – The product is designed in a way that will cause it to malfunction or become defective.
  • Manufacturing Defect – The product was created in a way that did not meet designated regulations or specifications.
  • Marketing Defect – This typically occurs when the product is not labeled properly or does not include the proper instructions.

Common types of defective products include the following:

  • Vehicle Defects
  • Vehicle Tire Defects
  • Vehicle Seatbelt Defects
  • Drug Defects
  • Pharmaceutical Defects
  • Cosmetic Surgery Defects
  • Work Machinery Defects
  • Housing Machinery Defects
  • Eye Surgery Defects
  • Surgical Defects
  • Defective Bicycles
  • Defective Helicopters
  • Defective Boats

If you’ve been injured because of a defective product you should consult with an experienced personal injury and defective products lawyer in your area.

Below are some online legal resources to help you find more information about defective products and local personal injury lawyers.