How to react following an Irvine car accident

A car crash scene in Irvine is an active site within minutes when police and paramedics arrive. Sometime in the future, you’re likely to be called upon to give your version of events. React to the crash by preserving your right to compensation for damages. Here’s how you do that.

Call 911 and ask for both police and paramedics


Police will investigate the accident scene and interview drivers and witnesses. The investigating officer will make a written traffic crash report that both sides will rely on in determining liability. Paramedics will evaluate and treat you at the scene. Insist on being taken to the nearest emergency room. You’ll be further examined and treated there. The medical records from the paramedics and emergency room are important in establishing that you were injured in the crash.

Follow up with treatment


Make sure that you follow-up with your personal physician a few days after the accident. He or she might refer you to a specialist like an orthopedist or neurologist. Follow up with whoever you might be referred to as soon as they can get you in. Don’t miss any medical appointments or have gaps in treatment. An uninterrupted timeline of treatment must be established. Insurance companies want to see missed appointments or treatment gaps. They’ll raise questions as to the extent of your injuries and whether you’re malingering.

Don’t talk to the other side


It’s quite common for the adverse insurer to contact an injured person and ask for a written or recorded statement as to what occurred. Never give a statement to an opposing party or their insurer without Irvine accident attorney being present. Without one of our attorneys at your side, questions will be asked of you that would be improper in any courtroom. Your answers will then be used against you in the future. If you’re going to give a statement, we’ll prepare you for giving it, tell you when and where you’ll give it, and we’ll be there with you to protect your rights when you give it.

Contact Guldjian Law, APC right away after an Irvine accident. Call us at 1-800-385-4838 to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation, or you can use our online contact form, and an attorney or client advocate from our office will be right with you. We’ll preserve your rights to compensation for your damages.